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NC Medicaid Research-Based Intensive Behavioral Health Treatment Program (RBI-BHT)

UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company, doing business as UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of North Carolina, is one of the selected managed care plans within the state of North Carolina providing coverage to the NC Medicaid membership.  Optum has been selected by UnitedHealthcare Community Plan to manage the RBI-BHT network for NC Medicaid members effective 07/1/2021. Your participation in our network helps to ensure access to comprehensive quality care for covered behavioral health services for enrolled members.  

To assist you in your participation in this program, learn more about the process for applying to the network, and the clinical protocols required in this unique network, please review the resource materials below.

Participation in this program requires enrollment with the state of North Carolina as first step, please visit the state’s website at  for enrollment information.

Contact Us/Request to Join the Network:
Selina McMasters, Specialty Network Manager -