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Non-network solo clinicians can now access many of our convenient and highly secure online transactions

We're working overtime to make your online experience great

Here's what registered users have to say about Provider Express

This website is by far the easiest to use when submitting insurance claims and looking up benefits.”
      ---Behavioral health clinician

It is the most user-friendly of any of the on-line sites for submitting insurance claims.”
      ---Behavioral health clinician

It is very easy to submit claims and to navigate the site.
     ---Behavioral health clinician

Your site is easy to use, pre-populated--the BEST of any site for billing claims. I submit paper claims to all other companies because their claims take too long to complete.
    ---Behavioral health clinician

Optum has one of the easiest web sites to use out of all the insurances that I bill on line.
     ---Behavioral health clinician

Taking five minutes to register for a One Healthcare ID here can save you countless hours in your transactions with Optum.

The goal of Provider Express has always been to give clinicians back more time to spend caring for their clients.

Non-network solo clinicians registering on Provider Express can take advantage of the many tools and transactions that have made Provider Express one of the premier provider portals.

As a registered user of Provider Express, you’ll find your administrative burden can be significantly reduced. In fact, many of the transactions our network clinicians enjoy will also be available to you, including eligibility search, claim entry and inquiry, authorization inquiry, as well as direct access to Electronic Payments & Statements.

These are tools designed to give you back more of your time, which can be better spent with your clients. In fact, everything about Provider Express has a single goal in mind: To make your experience with Optum the best it can be.

Provider Express transactions, now at your convenience 

Eligibility Status
  • Claim Entry – ability to submit primary and secondary claims
  • Claim Inquiry – ability to look up status of claims and submit an adjustment request
  • My Submitted Claims  - ability to look up claims that were submitted online
  • My Submitted Adjustments – ability to look up adjustment requests that were submitted online
  • Auth Request – ability to utilize existing links for submitting specific authorization requests (e.g. psych testing)
  • Auth Inquiry – ability to look up authorization information
  • Appeals Status – ability to view appeals and their status
  • ALERT – ability to access the Wellness Assessment form
  • EPS (allow registration and access) – ability to access EPS from PE

Provider Express = High Satisfaction

Provider Express is no secret. Consistently, year after year, clinicians who use Provider Express tell us the experience is highly productive and a joy to use.

The reason Provider Express garners such high satisfaction scores is because it makes things like eligibility, billing, even authorization requests simple, convenient and elegant.

You got into this line of work is because you care about your clients. We understand that. And using Provider Express will give you even more time to do what you do best.

More reasons for becoming a registered Provider Express user

  • Provider Express adds value to your workflow with Optum. Many everyday transactions are made simpler and can be accomplished more efficiently.
  • The tools and transactions on Provider Express are designed to accomodate your schedule. When you need member information or need to submit a claim or track an appeal, you can do so when it's most convenient for you.


Register for your One Healthcare ID in minutes - it's that easy
First Time Registering - The brief overview looks at the process of setting up a One Healthcare ID prior to registering for Provider Express. Runtime: 7:18
Get all your claim inquiries answered quickly
Claim Inquiries & Claim Adjustments - Overivew of how the Claim Inquires and Claim Adjustment features function on Provider Express. Runtime: 4:51
Get paid faster - Signup for Electronic Payments & Statements
Electronic Payments & Statements - Optum's Electronic Payments & Statements, the fastest way to get paid and helps your revenue stream keep flowing. Runtime: 2:49