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1DocWay | Building Affordable Telepsychiatry Programs

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1DocWay | Building Affordable Telepsychiatry Programs

1DocWay connects psychiatrists and Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) to patients using telemedicine to increase access and improve mental health outcomes

Services we offer:

The 1DocWay practice allows patients to be seen by high-quality, compassionate psychiatric providers over convenient and quickly accessible video platform. Our providers remotely treat patients across ages, conditions, and severity of illness. The 1DocWay practice provides:

  • HIPAA-compliant video platform
  • Tech training and setup
  • Program management
  • Patient Satisfaction and Program Utilization data
  • Follow-Up After Hospitalization (FUH)

Accessing our services:

Option 1: Patients can sign up here for an appointment with a psychiatrist on 1DocWay:

Option 2: Providers within the Preferred Network pilot can make inter-partner referrals

Option 3: Members in Colorado can call the number on the back of their insurance card and be directed to 1DocWay to schedule an appointment

Sign-up and onboarding:

1.     1DocWay practice staff will reach out to referrals received or take inbound calls to discuss services.

2.     1DocWay staff will send patients an online link to register via:

3.     A quick onboarding will be facilitated to confirm patient eligibility and conduct a test appointment.

4.     Patients can book appointments directly with provider based on their schedule and needs.

Additional resources:

Detailed description of services:

Telepsychiatry: Patients are able to see psychiatric providers over our convenient and HIPAA-compliant 1DocWay video platform across a wide range of ages, conditions, and severity of illness.

Follow-Up After Hospitalization - Our programs ensure patient safety within 7 days of discharge by using telepsychiatry to connect them with psychiatric providers in their home or outpatient facility. This process enables patients to more easily follow through on their discharge plans, despite ancillary barriers around transportation, referral care, provider access, and more.

1DocWay benefits:

Patient Satisfaction – Patients who use the 1DocWay platform are 34% more likely to return for telepsychiatry visits and report an average 4.8/5 satisfaction score.

Provider Quality – 1DocWay provides you with access to a pre-selected community of high-quality providers who specialize across ages, acuity level, and conditions.

Seamless Patient Experience – Our care coordination team will work with you and your patient directly to seamlessly share data, integrate your care team, and effortlessly register patients.

Tech Support – Tech setup and ongoing support will be provided throughout the patient and provider experience.

Patients served:

  • Psychiatric providers at 1DocWay provide treatment to a wide variety of ages, conditions, and severity of illness in an outpatient setting
  • Patient must have access to a computer, mobile phone, or tablet and a high-speed internet connection
1DocWay is a telemedicine company that builds telepsychiatry networks.